Where the land meets the sea .....

Where the land meets the sea ...

This term our topic is entitled "Where the land meets the sea..."  and it will focus on the coast. We will be looking at the geography of the coastline of Cornwall and of other near and faraway places. We will also be exploring the coast as a habitat, learning about the different living creatures and plants that depend upon the coastline as their home and source of food. We will continue to look at the effects of human pollution on the coastal habitat and what we can do to care for our world. We will be using a range of fiction and non-fiction books to explore the topic. 

Our role play area

We had a planning discussion about our "Where the land meets the sea" role play area, and decided it needed a rock pool, a quayside for crabbing and a cave. We are enjoying all the different activities and no-one has been bitten by a crab yet!

Topic Homework

The  new topic homework grid is now in your child's topic homework book. There is also an online copy below which makes accessing the internet links easier. Thank you for all your support during last term's topic- the children's imagination and enthusiasm were certainly fired by dinosaurs and unicorns! 

May Day Celebrations

We spent a wonderful day, celebrating the arrival of the month of May. In the morning, Emily's parents, Chris and Hettie and their friend, Jackie, helped us dance around the May Pole, creating a colourful "Barber's Pole" pattern. In the afternoon, Rosie and her daughter Lula worked with us to create jingly wrist bands, foliage crowns and long wands to reperesent our three house groups. Thank you to everyone for making it such a memorable day.