At Kehelland, our music curriculum intends to inspire creativity, self expression and encourages our children on their musical journeys as well as giving them opportunities to connect with others. We hope to foster a life long love of music by exposing them to diverse musical experiences and igniting a passion for music. By listening and responding to different musical styles, finding their voices as singers and performers and as composers, all will enable them to become confident, reflective musicians.


Our music curriculum ensures children sing, listen, play, perform and evaluate. This is embedded in the classroom activites as well as singing assembies, various concerts and performances, the learning of insturments and the joining of musical ensembles. In year 3 all children learn to play a brass instrument under the direction of a professional musician. Currently, we also offer private or group lessons from peripatetics in the violin, drums, keynoards, piano, trumpet and cornet. We invite children to join our school choir where we love to sing in the community and perform for the rest of the school and soon hope to get our school rock band up and running again! We use music as much as possible throughout the wider curriculum as warm ups and ways of learning and remembering facts.


The integal nature of music and the learner creates an enormously rich palette from which a child may access fundamental abilities such as: acheivement, self-confidence, interaction with and the awareness of others, and will also develop an understanding of culture and history accross the world. We hope that when the children leave our school they continue their love and passion for music and continue to imrpve their skills.