Exciting Opportunities!

We take a creative approach to the curriculum by weaving a topic based theme into our learning, which we believe is an ideal way to engage children and to teach the foundation subjects and many aspects of Literacy, Maths and Science.

Our staff plan creative and challenging work which develops skills, concepts knowledge and enthusiasm.

We delight in engaging the children’s interest via `real` experiences such as  day visits, treks and workshops. Our planning ensures that the themes we study cover the key points from each of the curriculum areas. As children progress through the school several residential opportunities are offered to them; these visits are, of course, thoroughly researched, planned and risk assessed before they take place.

Our foundation and core subjects are coordinated and managed by the staff working together as a team and each teacher plans and monitors coverage for the individual year groups.

SATS Tests

National Curriculum Tests (SATS) are administered at the end of each Key Stage i.e. KS.1 - Year 2 (to confirm teacher assessment only) and KS2 - Year 6. Teacher assessments, especially in the core subjects, are an integral part of the recording cycle of each child's progress. Optional SATS are undertaken at Years 3, 4 and 5 and are helpful in setting targets and recording trends.

The Phonics Assessment

This is a newly introduced assessment which measures the number of Year 1 children who have achieved the required standard of phonic sound acquisition. It is taken in June and retested in Year 2 if the necessary standard is not met.