Our Targets 

Class 1

Welcome to the Spring Term! This term, our topic is entitled "A Night at the Museum" and we will be exploring Egypt, both modern and ancient. We will begin our topic by embarking on a virtual boat journey along the River Nile, stopping at places of interest along the way. We will be geographers, exploring the landscape features, climate and lifestyle of modern Egypt. We will also be historians, investigating buildings and artefacts in order to gather information about life in Ancient Egypt. 


Our role play area is now a Mummification area. We have four canopic jars in which to place the different organs (but not the heart which remained in the body). We have lots of strips of cloth to wrap up the babies and a sarcophagus in which to place them. We all think it is a little gory and are glad it is only pretend! 

Our market role play area

As part of our journey along the River Nile, we called in to visit the souk or market at Aswan. We learned about the sights, sounds and smells from the stalls which sell clothes, fabrics, fruit, vegetables, spices, fish, baskets and pots. The children are enjoying re-enacting shopping for food in the market and setting out picnics all over the classroom! The children are absolutely wonderful at returning everything to its proper place at the end of the session. 

Rainbow food pictures

Nicola from Chartwells Catering came into our school today to teach the children about eating healthy foods in a rainbow of colours. She read The Very Hungry Caterpillar story at the start and all the children tried nibbling one juicy green leaf. They then created pictures with different fruits and vegetables. At the end, they were able to eat their picture and Nicola was impressed with how many of Class 1 cleared their plate, trying some unusual items like celery and radishes. 

Topic Homework

Thank you for all your support and enthusiasm for last term's topic homework. The children's interest and learning was greatly enhanced by the extra activities. The final display was most impressive, as was the work in the children's books. I attach the new grid below and hope that you enjoy completing some of the tasks. 

File icon: doc Blooms Grid Ancient Egypt.doc [doc 2MB] Click to download