The Deep Blue

This term our topic is entitled The Deep Blue. We will be learning about the oceans of the world and about the creatures and plants that make the ocean their home. We will be exploring the damaging effects of pollution and plastics in the sea and considering what we can do to protect the ocean environment. 

160 turtles stencilled on Gwithian Beach!

Inspired by the 1000 turtles stencilled on Blackpool Sands recently in order to raise awareness of how plastic pollution is killing sea turtles, we decided to create our own turtle sand art at Gwithian beach. We felt that using plastic, and especially black plastic, for the stencils was not at all environmentally friendly. The cardboard we used for our practice go in the sand pit (see below) just fell apart! Eventually Mrs.Davies managed to get hold of some old carpet that Carpetright had put out as rubbish and cut the stencils from that.

The beach conditions were perfect for our art activity. The sun was shining brightly, but the breeze ensured that we did not get too hot. It was low tide so we had a huge expanse of sand on which to stencil. We worked in threes, carefully positioning the stencil on the sand and raking within the outline. We then carefully picked up the stencil and moved to another spot. We created at least 160 turtles! Mrs. Davies had great fun using a giant rake to write a message, "Use plastic wisely, Kehelland Village School". The artwork looked fantastic when we viewed it from the cliff top. Several members of the public stopped to talk to us, so we told them about how plastic pollution is affecting sea turtles. 

As well as having a wonderful time stencilling, we enjoyed the walk across the Towans and St. Gothian Nature Reserve, and the digging session after lunch. The Class 1 staff would like to say a huge thank you to parents for sending your children perfectly dressed and equipped for the day, and an even bigger thank you for your fantastic generosity in donating to the Sea Sense turtle charity. So far we have raised over £90, which is enough to pay to protect two turtle nests in Tanzania. If you watch video clips of the turtles hatching, as the children have done as part of their topic work, you will see how wonderful this is. 

Turtle Art 

We were inspired by an artwork recently created on the sand at Blackpool. Thirty artists stencilled 1000 turtle shapes into the sand, using rakes, to raise awareness of the fact that a thousand turtles die each year through plastic pollution. They either get tangled up in plastic, or eat small pieces of plastic, causing them to float, so they are unable to dive and catch food. We decided to have a go at creating turtle outlines in our sandpit. It was quite difficult, as we did not have the depth of damp sand beneath the surface. However, we were pleased that the photos look a little bit like the beach at Blackpool. 

Our beach clean at Porthtowan

We had a productive and enjoyable day at Porthtowan this week. When we arrived at the beach, we did not know whether to be pleased or disappointed that there was very little litter to be seen! We walked to the far ends of the beach, looking as carefully as we could and managed to collect 6kg of litter altogether. Back at school, we sorted the rubbish into groups of different materials and found that plastic was the main source of litter pollution. We will be recycling as much of it as possible.

After our litter pick, we had a wonderful time playing on the beach and  team-building sandcastles- a well deserved treat for all the workers!

Our role play area

We have started to transform our role play area into an underwater scene. We are especially proud of our hanging jelly fish! I wonder if they are attracting sea turtles? Look closely! 

The Deep Blue- Topic Homework

The Class 1 children are enjoying the new topic homework grid. They have already started to bring in books and objects linked to the topic theme.