Class 1

Welcome to Class 1!

Welcome to the new academic year! We have been joined in Class 1 by fourteen new Pebbles, making us twenty nine children in total. This term our topic is called Super Human. We will be learning about the human body and how it works. We have started by thinking about Superheroes and imagined ourselves as Superheroes for our Targets display. 

Germs and more germs!

As part of our Topic work, we have been investigating germs. We learned that we need to wash our hands regularly and that it needs to take as long as singing the Happy Birthday song twice! In order to show how germs can spread, the adults dipped wet hands into chalk dust and then shook some children's hands. They in turn shook each other's and touched items in the playground. Soon everything was a pinkish colour. On our way into school to wash our hands, we found that chalk dust ended up on the door handles and the taps. So if we do not wash our hands, we are putting germs everywhere, especially at this time of year, when we are all coughing, sneezing and blowing our noses. We have set up an experiment to see if germs get onto our food. Mrs. Davies put one slice of bread into a bag wearing gloves, one slice into a a bag using clean hands and one slice into a bag, which we had all handled. We are waiting to see what happens!

File icon: docx Are there germs on our food? [docx 229KB] Click to download


We had to be very patient waiting for our experiment to work, but after two weeks, the results were amazing. The bread placed in the bag wearing gloves had one spot of green mould. The bread placed in the bag using very clean hands (Mrs. Davies sang Happy Birthday to you twice!) had no mould growing. The bread placed in the bag after being touched with everyone's dirty hands (we all had coughs and colds) was covered in green, white and pink mould! 

Super Human Topic Homework

The children are very excited about the new Topic Homework Grid. Several children have designed their own Superhero, including a wonderful Elastigirl! A few children have asked members of their family what superpowers they would like to have and our first Supervegetable arrived in class, complete with cloak. 

Biffa Visit 

We very much enjoyed the visit, organised by Elliot's Mum, of three Biffa lorries to our school grounds. We were able to find out about a road sweeper, a rubbish lorry and a recycling lorry. It was great fun climbing into the cabs and seeing the different controls. We learned a lot about how rubbish is collected and how important it is to recycle. We also found out that Mrs. Davies was frightened of road sweepers when she was little! We are looking forward to our new rubbish and recycling role play area next half term.

The Digestive System

As part of our Super Human Topic, we have learned about the human digestive system. We watched a computer generated film of food passing through the body. We loved the liquid, acidic "soup" in the stomach and were amazed that the small intestine is 7 metres long and the large intestine 1 and a half metres long. It was like a rollercoaster. We especially liked the ending in the toilet! We all had great fun stuffing tights to make the intestines and are very proud of our display, even though it looks rather revolting. 

Woodland Learning

The Pebbles have had great fun in Tehidy Woods and have learned a great deal about keeping safe in the outdoor environment, as well as gaining knowledge about plants and animals. They have played hide and seek in the trees, (If you are lost, shout loudly!) looked out for poisonous berries and plants, and been careful of tripping hazards such as roots and stones. They used natural materials to make sculptures, built a  home for a small creature and then a shelter for themselves. They showed great co-operation in this, carrying heavy branches as a group.

Superheroes Topic Day

We all had an enjoyable time on Superheroes Topic Day. Everyone looked fantastic in their costumes- many thanks to parents for all your hard work. We started with a talk by Dr. Rogers, who told us about her job and let us try out the different medical instruments. We then learned dances to the Superman song and "Dem Bones". We enjoyed a Funnybones story and cutting and sticking a Funnybones character. In the afternoon, we had a go climbing the mobile climbing wall. Everyone showed real courage and determination and felt proud of their achievements. Photos of the climbing are below.

Superhero climbers!