Welcome to a new school year!

This year we are delighted to welcome thirteen new Pebbles to Class 1 in Kehelland Village School. We have fifteen Year 1's in our class, making us twenty eight children altogether. This term we will be exploring what life was like "Back-a long". We have learned about how people used candles and lanterns as a light source. We wrote our virtues and skills targets for the term inside a lantern shape. We hope you like our display!

Woodland learning- our last session this term!

We had a wonderful time in Tehidy Woods for our final session of Woodland Learning for the Pebbles- The sun shone, the autumn colours were still evident and the squirrels and swans were on top form! The children had great fun scrambling and balancing on fallen trees. 

Washing and cleaning back-a-long

We are having a wonderful time this week, experiencing what housework was like in the days before electricity. Thanks to the kind loan of artefacts from Emily's parents and Mrs. Eathorne (to add to Mrs. Davies' collection), the children have been able to use genuine washboards, a dolly, mangle, wooden pegs, scrubbing brushes and a tin bath. The "washing groups" scrubbed handkerchiefs on the washboards, using soap, before using a wooden dolly to agitate the clothes in the water. The handkerchiefs were carefully removed from the "hot" water using tongs and then wrung by hand. The children then operated the mangle and were amazed how much more water came out. Finally the cloths were pegged out on the line to dry using wooden pegs. The job was not over, as there was still ironing to be done! 

The "cleaning groups" swept and tidied the playground, used a dustpan and brush to sweep the carpet, wiped the surfaces with a damp cloth and scrubbed the floor. They also took the play rugs outside to beat them with brushes to get the dirt and dust out. 

We will swap groups on Wednesday, so that everyone gets to experience all the jobs. There were a few aching backs and sore knees! What an amazing invention electric washing machines, dryers, irons and vacuum cleaners are!


We have enjoyed learning about the Hindu festival of Divali. Last week, we heard the story of Rama and Sita and enjoyed drawing Ravana, with his ten heads and twenty arms! This week we used coloured salt to make Rangoli patterns. We rubbed chalks into the salt to create the different colours. We then sprinkled the salt onto the design. Hindus often decorate the area outside their doorstep with Rangoli patterns. We also used clay to make Diva lamps and decorated them with beads. Hindu families will often put diva lamps all around their home, remembering the story of Rama and Sita, and also to welcome the goddess Lakshmi. We ended by joining in a Hindu dance about Divali, tasting the traditional ladoo sweets and watching fireworks on the whiteboard. 

Tehidy Woods Visit

It was wonderful to go to Tehidy Woods in the sunshine on the last day of the half term. The children took part in a variety of activities. First of all, we enjoyed throwing leaves into the air with abandon, and then gathering twigs and branches, as if we were collecting firewood. Mr. Smith led an activity where the children used natural materials to build "goblin houses". The children made some inventive and intricate structures. Mrs. Davies took the children on a walk through the woods, making a "magic potion" from leaves, berries, lichen, moss and petals. We ended by casting our potion into the trees and making wishes. The children wished for lots of birds, rabbits, squirrels, foxes and flowers, amongst many other things. We were very proud of the fact that they wished for "no litter" and were very keen to gather any litter we encountered on our walk.


We have been working hard on our new display board. In R.E. we listened to the Christian creation story and then used chalk pastels to create pictures of the "big bang" of light in the darkness. We have used these to form the border of our display board. We have painted papers in the style of Eric Carle, to create pictures of the sun, wood fires, candles and lanterns. 

Indoor Woodland Learning!

This week our Woodland Learning had to take place indoors because of the stormy weather outside. Firstly, the Pebbles used different berries to colour some T-Shirt pictures. Everyone enjoyed really squishing the berries to release more "paint" juice. After play, the Year 1's joined the Pebbles to make fish collages using autumn leaves. We added paper tails (drawing around triangles) and googly eyes. We  were very proud of the finished pictures, which will be on display in our classroom. 

Woodland Learning

The Pebbles had a wonderful first Woodland Learning session, joined by the Year 1 children. In the course of the morning, we explored the wilder areas of our school grounds. Mr. Smith led an activity lighting small fires in Pebble Wood. The children gathered kindling and sticks as fuel and were fascinated watching the flames grow. They all remembered, from our Science lessons with candles, how to keep themselves safe. Mrs. Davies took a group hunting "rainbow chips" in the flower beds and hedgerows. The children produced some beautiful artwork, although it might not have survived the journey home. I'm afraid! The Year 1's also had time to create natural material pictures within hoops. They created faces, farmers, villages, bees and nests. The sun shone and we all had a great time!

Our role play area

The modern kitchen that we had at the start of term has been replaced by an old fashioned kitchen from "backalong". It has a stove for cooking, heating and hot water.There is a bowl for washing clothes by hand. We have taken all the plastic items away, so the plates are made of metal. We are looking forward to having a tin bath soon to bathe the baby in front of the fire!

Topic Homework

Well done to the children who have already completed some tasks from the Topic Homework grid. Several children have measured the length of candles before and after they have burned for an hour. One child wrote a very careful list of instructions on how to keep safe near candles. Another tried drawing with a candle and discovered the paint wash needed to be much thinner. One child did not turn the lights on at home and found it was too dark to see at 7 o'clock. Great investigating everyone!

File icon: doc Topic homework.doc [doc 75KB] Click to download