Class 1 

Welcome to Class 1 at Kehelland Village School! This year, we have a mixed class of Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children. Our first topic of the year is entitled Land Ahoy! We will start by learning about pirates, both story book and real, before moving on to thinking about sea explorers in the past (Captain Cook) and in modern times (Ellen MacArthur). We will also consider the dangers of the sea, and learn about rescues at sea (Grace Darling). Geographical elements of our topic will include learning about the seas and oceans of the world, and beginning to understand maps. Historical elements will include comparisons between then and now, and the study of important people from the past. 

The Gruffalo

In our Wild Tribe outdoor learning this week, the children enjoyed the story of The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson. They then set about building homes for the snake and the owl. They were very inventive in their use of natural materials to build the homes. 

Signs of Autumn

The Pebbles searched the school grounds for signs of Autumn- fallen leaves, broken twigs and late flowering plants. The weather was appropriately grey and drizzly! They then used their collected items to write and decorate the first letter of their name. 

Wild Tribe! 

The Pebbles have been enjoying their Wild Tribe outdoor learning. Linked to our topic, "Land Ahoy!", they pretended to be pirates in search of treasure. They followed clues that led them to all the different areas of the school grounds before finally finding the treasure chest. They then used their telescopes to find more booty! 

Exploring Line 

In Art, we have been exploring line. Inspired by the artwork of the artist Bridget Riley, the Pebbles experimented with drawing straight, wavy and cross-hatched lines on the big blackboards. They then created their own designs on black paper. The Y1s and Y2s used string to create lines on black squares of paper, exploring straight, wavy and cross-hatched lines, as well as horizontal, vertical and diagonal. They drew their designs on paper and then chose their favourites to recreate with chalk on black paper. 

The following week, we listened to Debussy's musical composition, La Mer, and then worked co-operatively in small groups to create artworks to suggest the movement of the sea. Again, we thought carefully about line, and used a variety of media- chalk, crayon, oil pastel, pencil and felt pen. We are proudly displaying the finished results on our classroom walls, just like a proper gallery.