Rainbows and dinosaurs!

During our time back in school, the Pebbles have really developed their creative skills. We have spent chilled time at our tables, at the beginning of the morning and afternoon each day, colouring, drawing, threading, lacing, painting and building. We thought you might like to see our work from the last day. 

(When I left school, the pets were all planning a holiday somewhere!). 

The Dinosaur That Pooped a Planet 

A very funny story for our last week! I hope that everyone will enjoy the story and all the linked activities. There are lots of stories in the series, so you might like to have a look on YouTube. 

Oliver's Vegetables

This week we are using the story Oliver's Vegetables as the focus for our school and home learning. We are thinking about what makes food healthy or less healthy and also what makes us like or dislike food. We will be comparing the city environment with green spaces in the countryside and considering what vegetables we can grow, if we do not have a garden.





We are very excited to be using the story Zog, by Julia Donaldson, as the stimulus for our writing this week. We are thinking about dragons, knights and princesses, but also the role of medics. 

The children have produced some wonderful artwork this week. We made fire blowing dragons from tissue paper. We also learned how to draw dragons, following instructions in a video. I am sure that you will agree that the finished dragons are very charactersome!  Finally, we were inspired by a painting called Hot and Cold by Melissa Joyfully, to produce our own interpretations using pastels.

Thank you to the home learners, who have also sent in some interesting writing and impressive artwork. 

Princess Mirror-Belle and the Dragon Pox!

Another princess this week, but the book tells a very funny story about chicken pox spots and a very messy bathroom. We have had two fantastic castle models made at home by Eryss and Benjamin. I have also added Beth's wonderful Harry Potter castle made earlier in lockdown. 

We had a lovely afternoon making repeat patterns for wrapping/wall paper. We are also going dotty, spotty mad with our painting. 

We have two birthday girls this week- one was visited by a ladybird today, so felt very special! 

We really enjoyed making number lines out of toilet paper. The classroom started to look a bit like Ellen's bathroom! After thinking about all the bubbly products that we use to keep ourselves clean, we had great fun blowing bubbles. 

The Princess and the Wizard

Linked to this story, where Princess Eliza hides herself as creatures in different places, we have been enjoying learning about camouflage.

We had great fun making up potions from 20 different items, and inspired by Stanley and Eleanor, we may have a go making potions outside tomorrow. I don't think that we will be able to find bats'wings!

We also spent a lovely afternoon painting symmetrical butterflies. We added a spot, circle or stripe of paint on one side and kept folding the paper. The butterflies are going on a display on our wall to show colours and patterns in nature. 


I have already learned some new facts about ladybirds. I know that they can have up to 20 spots, they live for about a year and they eat about 5000 aphids in that time! We did not see any ladybirds on our bug hunt, but we spotted ants, red spiders, slugs, worms, wood lice, flies, bees and cuckoo spit from the froghopper bug. 


I have included photographs of some of the wonderful work that you have done on the theme of snails. Well done everyone for working so hard and being so creative!

Home learning creativity!