Class 1


Welcome to a new academic year! This year we have 26 children in Class 1 - 15 Pebbles (Reception) and 11 Year 1's. We are looking forward to telling you all about the work we are doing this term. Our topic is entitled Explorers and we will be thinking about exploring the world both nearby and far away. We have started by looking at the story of Henry the Explorer and have thought about what we would need to pack in our bags. Our Targets display shows us holding very large rucksacks!

Magic potions

The Pebbles had an exciting time in Science, making magic potions from leaves, flower petals, moss, grass and seeds that they found in the school grounds. The challenge was to either make a beautiful, sweet smelling potion, or a disgusting potion! After making their potions, the children shared them, using their senses to look and smell. Judging from the wrinkled noses, some were a little stinky! They then cast spells in Pebble Wood, sprinkling the potions around. 

Keeping dry and keeping warm!

As part of our learning for letter u, we went outside and enjoyed walking, singing and dancing with umbrellas. Usually when the Pebbles do letter u, it refuses to rain and staff end up pouring water from watering cans! Today was the wettest day we have ever had for our umbrella activity, so the children had a wonderful time experiencing the sound and feel of the rain on the umbrellas. Later in the day, as part of our Science learning about how polar creatures keep warm, we explored layering up in our school jumpers and then Mrs.Davies' jumpers. We felt very chilly in just our T-shirts, a little warmer in our school sweatshirts and even warmer with a second jumper. The children knew that wearing coats on top would make them warmer again. We would look a bit like polar bears!

Investigating what plants need to live

The Y1 and Y2 children have been learning about plants and what they need to live and grow. They planned an experiment to prove that plants really do need water, sunlight and air. The results were very interesting as the photos show. We think that the plastic cup did not seal out the air properly- there were gaps between the pot and the cup. However, the two plants under the plastic cups did quite well for the two weeks, even the one without water. We noticed the droplets of water that had condensed on the side of the cups and realised that the cups were stopping the water from evaporating and escaping. We are now trying to revive them all but do not hold out great hopes for two of them!

Bubble fun!

In Science this week, the Pebbles set up an experiment to prove that plants drink water. They put cream coloured roses into water coloured with red, blue or yellow food dye. We cannot wait to see what will happen over the weekend! They then discussed  bubbles- what they are made of and what shape they are. The challenge was to use the bubble blower to make the longest snake. As you can see, some of the bubble snakes were very long indeed! 

Kehelland Trek

We had such a lovely time on our trek today! Despite the poor weather forecast, we only had a few light showers and the sun even shone at times. We followed the footpaths around the school and out towards Treswithian Downs, returning to Kehelland via Grass Valley. The children demonstrated their recent learning about directions, by being able to say whether we were heading north, south, east or west.  We saw the Weather Station, farms, houses, cars, tractors and the Horticultural Centre. We also spotted birds, cows, horses,sheep, butterflies, flowers and berries. We were very excited to pass Lucinda's house and Elena's horse and pony! We enjoyed an apple snack in the polytunnel at the Horticultural Centre, listening to the rain falling on the roof, before looking at the mural of the village hanging in the Tractor Barn. (Children in Kehelland School helped to make this years ago). We returned to school via the fields, just in time for lunch. In the afternoon, we drew all the things we had seen onto a map of our walk. We then put on our waterproofs and wellies again, to play in Pebble Wood. A big thank you to parents for providing your children with the correct "explorer's kit". It meant that we were able to splash through puddles and plod through mud, staying warm and dry. What fun!

Our explorers' role play area

We have had great fun planning what should go in our explorers' role play area. Based on our learning from the Henry the Explorer books and our work on real-life explorers, we decided there should be mountains, trees, a tent, torches, binoculars, maps, compasses, clothes for cold weather, clothes for hot weather, rucksacks, food and water bottles. Anna's mum helped us paint the mountains- we love the snow on the peaks! 

Visit to Kehelland Chapel

We had a very enjoyable and informative visit to Kehelland Chapel this afternoon. The children were able to spot the different features we had discussed in our R.E. lessons- the stained glass windows, the pews, the altar, the lectern, the organ, the font and the pulpit. They also pointed out the flowers, the cross, the rainbow arch and the candle. They enjoyed exploring the different areas and loved the stairs up to the pulpit and organ. Although a little noisy in their excitement, the children were all very respectful of the building and its contents. After talking about church and chapel services, they settled quietly to draw their favourite features. A big thank you to the parents who volunteered to accompany us on the visit! We hope you enjoyed the experience. 

Building a church

In R.E. we have been exploring what it is like inside a Christian church or chapel. We decided to try to make a pretend church in our role play area. We thought carefully about what we could use for the pews, altar, organ, lectern, pulpit, font and children's area. Afterwards, we drew a plan of our church. We are hoping to visit Kehelland Chapel soon. 

Maps and map-making

In our learning, we have talked about how explorers either take maps with them on their journey, or make maps of "uncharted lands". The Pebbles enjoyed exploring the playground using a plan. They were able to spot the features that were shown on the plan in real life. The circle in the middle of the netball court was especially exciting!

Vegetable Creatures

We had a wonderful time on Friday morning this week, walking down to the Horticultural Centre to make our vegetable models. Postman Pat came exploring with us! The sun was shining, the wind was blowing and it really felt like Autumn. We saw vegetables, apples and pears, all ready to be harvested. We had great fun making our vegetable creatures from different fruit and vegetables. They will all be on display at the Giant Vegetable Show at the Horticultural Centre tomorrow (September 21st), starting at 11 o'clock. 

Blackberry Harvest

In R.E. this week we thought about the harvest of fruit and vegetables at this time of year. We had a wonderful time outside in the Autumn sunshine, gathering blackberries from the hedgerow. Once back inside school, we chopped up apples from Mrs. Davies' garden, to make delicious blackberry and apple crumble. 

Making rainbows

For their Science lesson, the Pebbles investigated the many different colours to be found in nature. Their challenge was to find petals or leaves to match the colours of the rainbow. Everyone worked very hard and enjoyed exploring the different areas of the school grounds. The sun was shining again, so the flowers looked particularly beautiful. 

Letter sounds

The Pebbles have been enjoying learning the letter sounds, making the actions, singing the songs and taking part in different activities. We made letter s from woollen snakes, pipe cleaners and play doh. We had a party for Postman Pat's birthday, choosing only foods starting with p, and labelling plates for the whole class. We also made Postman Pat into an explorer. Just like Henry the Explorer, we helped him place discovery P flags around the playground. 

Topic Homework 

The children have shown great enthusiasm for their Topic Homework tasks this week. They have brought in wonderful jungle collages, maps, flags and shape pictures. They have also enjoyed joining in the suggested songs and dances. Postman Pat has started exploring different homes and gardens and we are making a giant floor book from the photos. Please email them to, if you are unable to print them yourself.  Remember also that you are welcome to borrow any of the Henry the Explorer books for an evening.

Thank you for supporting your children's learning in this way!

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