Our School Team

Class teachers take responsibility for the Godrevy Groups as well as teaching their own class. They are assisted by our support staff.

Joanna Harvey

School Headteacher

Marion Davies

Class 1 and Towan teacher

Rebecca Hollywood

Class 2 and Enys teacher

Carol Polglase

Class 3 and Porth teacher

Kyra Orchard

Class 3 and 2 and Porth and Enys teacher

Dawn Smith

Learning Mentor: counselling & supporting individual children throughout the school.

Based in Class 1.

Helen Evans

Higher Level Teaching Assistant, supporting individual children

Based in Class 2

Brenda Pengilly

Individual and group support TA based in Class 3

Alison Olds

Alison Olds- School Secretary

Cath Wetherelt  

Literacy and Numeracy Support TA

Mrs Beverley Fitgerald Bevington    SEN TA