Kehelland Village School 100 Club

From September 2020 Kehelland Village School is introducing the 100 Club to support all pupils who are eligible for Pupil Premium.

We will be allocating £100 credit to parents of all pupils who are in receipt of Pupil Premium Free School Meals.

How will the money be allocated?

We will be giving parents a personal budget of £100 per eligible pupil.

  • £50 will be credited into the account for the start of the Autumn Term.
  • £25 additional credit will be credited if you attend the Autumn Term Parents evening and your child has an attendance rate of 96% of eligible days, at the end of the Autumn term.
  • £25 additional credit will be added at the end of the Spring Term if the attendance is maintained at 96% or better.

What can I use the money for?

You can choose to spend the money on any item that will enhance your child’s learning opportunities in school. These include paying for school trips and residential camps, swimming lesson costs, Music Lessons, Breakfast Club, after School Clubs and Uniform or sportswear – needed for school.

How do I ‘spend’ the budget?

The School Office hold the money for you, you will not receive any cash. You will be able to ask for a request form from the office which needs to be filled in and then returned to the office. We will keep you informed of how much money you have available, and the costs to date.

Why is attendance so important?

Research clearly shows a link between good attendance and children achieving well at school. We want every child at Kehelland to do well and you can help by ensuring your child is in school every day. This year we have had no opportunity to meet attendance goals for pupils we hope that this scheme will encourage all our eligible pupils to be in school and to make the most of the widest range of opportunities available to them- by reducing the financial barrier.

Can I save the money to pay for a summer residential?

Yes – Money can be banked to pay for residential trips, but as a Pupil Premium child you will also receive a discounted price for such a trip.

Can I carry money forward into the next academic year?

Yes, but only £25 can be taken on to the next year and this does assume that your child still attends Kehelland Village School. Any other funds left at the end of the year will go back into the general Pupil premium Budget and will be spent in line with our Pupil Premium Strategy.

Can I spend my money on different children within the same family?

No, each pupil will have their own budget from which the spending for them can be made.

How do I apply for the 100 Club?

Once the school is aware you have made a successful application for FSM you will automatically be added to the Club List. Your next step will be to ask for a 100 Club request slip and to decide what you wish to spend to your allocation on.