Beach Day 

Current educational policy encourages schools to foster "British Values", and we certainly did that during our Beach visit! The children demonstrated enthusiasm and resilience in the face of the great British weather! After a wet walk across the cliff top and a soggy fruit break, the children were set the challenge of creating a farming-themed picture, using pebbles, shells and seaweed. The children showed co-operation and creativity, making the most wonderful pictures of tractors, trailers, sheep dogs, sheep, cats, owls, pigs, cows, ducks and chickens. Their use of the materials was a joy to see, with pebble eyes and noses, seaweed wings, legs and tails, and shell beaks. During lunch, the weather started to improve and afterwards the children launched enthusiastically into the challenge of which Godrevy group could build the highest tower. Vigorous digging warmed everyone up. We were able to walk back to the bus in dry weather, enjoying the now clear views of St Ives. In school, in place of an ice cream, we all enjoyed a warming hot chocolate with marshmallows.