Ofsted Report 2018

We are delighted that our 2018 OFSTED inpsection continues to recignise Kehelland as a  'GOOD'  school. Here are some of the highlights!

You lead a dedicated staff team that is rightly proud of the school’s promotion of individual virtues.

Pupils receive a high level of support for their emotional, behavioural and social needs, and every child is valued and cared for.

You lead the school with calm authority, and parents and carers appreciate that you are always approachable if they need to discuss any issues.

Staff feel respected and valued by school leaders and by the local community.

Staff go above and beyond to ensure the children are safe, happy and confident.

You make sure that the Library is the hub of the school and filled with reading material to suit all pupils 

From the 2015 Ofsted Inspection:

`The behaviour of pupils is good. Pupils work well together and are happy to talk about their learning. They value the school’s focus on virtues and character and this is evident in the positive relationships they have with one another and with staff. Pupils enjoy coming to school, as is seen in their high attendance.`

`The headteacher is successfully maintaining the good quality of teaching across subjects, including literacy and mathematics. As a result, pupils are making good progress in each year group.`

`Teachers are adept at building upon what pupils already know and understand and plan tasks to enhance their learning further. Pupils are particularly successful in reading and writing.`

`Leadership in the early years provision is good. Because of effective links with parents, children settle in quickly and good learning routines are established. There is a wide variety of activities planned by adults as a result, children’s basic literacy and numeracy skills are effectively developed through their creative work.`

"This school is fantastic, promoting equal opportunities for all," wrote one parent. "Kehelland has surpassed our expectations in all areas; it is well rooted into the local community which adds an extra dimension to school and village life."

Please feel free to download the full 2017 report from the link at the bottom of the page.