Pupil Premium review 2017-18 and strategy/ expenditure for 2018-2019


Pupil Premium Statement

This year the pupil premium and services premium for Kehelland School is £16250

We are delighted that year om year those children in receipt of pupil premium at Kehelland achieve at the same levels or higher than the non pupil premium children in most curricular areas and at the end of Yr 2 and 6 SAT's tests. Our evaluation of provision shows that a key factor in this achievement is the employment of a range of strategies that we know will support pupils in increasing their attainment, and ‘narrowing the gap’.

The Pupil Premium Funding Pays for a range of additional strategies including

One to one pupil support and tuition

Teacher or TA supported small group support

Before and after school  Maths and Literacy Sessions 8.15a.m -8.30 a.am  and 3.00 p.m - 3.20 p.m 

Subscription to online platforms which aim at close educational gaps and also extending children's abilities where approprpiate.

The  pupil premium money at Kehelland is also allocated to ensure pupils reach their full potential and are not denied the opportunities available to their peers. This may include:

  • Subsidised activities and residentials
  • Music Tuition and the purchase of instruments
  • Therapeutic support

At Kehelland School we are committed to raising standards and supporting the needs of all of our pupils based on a termly audit of progress for every pupil. The downloadable Pupil Premium Plans  on this page provide further detail of our provision.