How We Spent the Pupil Premium Grant at Kehelland 2016- 2017

Pupil Premium: The total Pupil Premium Grant for Kehelland School last year was £16,900.


We are delighted that last year our children in receipt of pupil premium achieved at the same levels or higher than the non pupil premium children in most areas in the Early Years Foundation Stage and end of Yr 2 and 6 SAT's tests. Our evaluation of provision shows that a key factor in this achievement is the provision of effective teacher feedback in one to one or small group provision.

The  pupil premium money is allocated to ensure pupils reach their full potential and are not denied the opportunities available to their peers. At Kehelland School we are committed to raising standards and supporting the needs of all of our pupils based on a termly audit of progress for every pupil. Recent and current projects funded by Pupil Premium allocations are detailed below – where possible we extend provision to all children who are not in receipt of a premium.


Spent on Aim
Free School Meals To pay for the provision of free school school meals for those children registered as FSM in KS2

Subscription to annual online Maths programmes such as Early Morning Maths- Easimaths/ My Maths

Lexia - Literacy Booster Software - annual license

IT program offering challenge and support in maths - PP pays for home log in.

Lexia challenges pupils who can access the program at home or school.

Staffing for Extra  Tuition One to one teacher tuition providing children with feedback and coaching  to help them reach their potential in maths and literacy. 

TA hrs for booster groups for literacy and numeracy

Staffing for `Funfit` Physical Development

To provide catch up or booster support for FSM children in Numeracy and Literacy.

To support physical co-ordination and memory 8.30 a.m. -8.45 a.m. 

Subsidised or free places at the After School Club / Gym club

To increase participation in physical activity

To improve socialization and interaction with others

To improve health and fitness

Subsidised / free places at clubs and events offered to some children to help socialization or physical development

Funding places on school trips.

Free transport to matches and events.

Reduced costs for School Camp or activities week

To enhance the curriculum, ensure the children are able to participate and to give children the opportunity to experience new and challenging activities such as residential visits to various locations and day visits to activity centres such as rock climbing at Granite Planet or similar outdoor adventure facilities.

Music Tuition To enhance the opportunities for instrumental tuition for disadvantaged children
   Cello, Violin, drumming , and keyboards are currently offered
Breakfast Bar Provision of fruit or breakfast bars for children who have missed breakfast or who are hungry
Green Goblin Go-Kart Gives Year 4, 5& 6 children the opportunity to develop mechanical skills and attend Formula Goblin at Newquay Airport.