West Briton Report: Kehelland Village School Winning Plaudits With Character Education Classes

A PRIMARY school has adopted a unique approach to teaching by educating children in good character.

Kehelland Village School has been teaching its pupils character education since 2007 and head teacher Geoff Smith says that the strategy has been an undoubted success.

This year the government has launched The 2015 DfE Character Awards that will see up to 27 schools and organisations from every region of the country awarded for their efforts to promote good character traits, among young people. 

“We’re definitely ahead of the game as we have been teaching good character since 2007 when I first started at the school.

“It’s been very successful, we are an innovative school, the government have only recentlyannounced their Character Education awards  and it’d be fantastic if we were awarded some of the money.”

Students at Kehelland Village School are encouraged to lay the foundation of good character by being taught virtues such as honesty, respect, perseverance and responsibility.

Staff at the school selects six character qualities or virtues that children explore over the term with the aid of role plays and other activities.

“The pupils all enjoy it and the teaching has been recognised by their parents too.

“We use a range of character puppets who the children relate to and they may take part in role plays where they will practise being truthful and patient.”

Kehelland Village School has already been recognised by Birmingham University as being excellent in character education and Mr Smith has been asked by them to write a primary character education curriculum to aid students with their studies.

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