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Back-a-long Topic Day

The children had an enjoyable and informative  time on our Topic day, based on the theme of Back-a-long. Through the course of the day, they rotated around a carousel of activities with their Godrevy group . One activity was preparing the vegetables and making the pastry for a Woolton Pie. This recipe was devised in wartime, when there was a shortage of meat, and consisted of vegetables that could be grown in the garden. We all tasted it the following day and it was absolutely delicious! Another activity was playing the sort of games that would have been popular at that time- snakes and ladders, battleships and a memory game. The children also had great fun learning some of the Lindy Hop steps with Mrs. Johnson and Miss. Frances and almost everyone joined in with huge enthusiasm and creativity. Finally, the children made some simple toys from wood and metal (no plastic then!) - a cotton reel tank and a tin can telephone. They had a wonderful time racing their tanks, and having "phone conversations" with their Godrevy partner. A big thank you to the parents who sent in cooking equipment.