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Native American Topic Day

We all had a wonderful time on Topic day, focused on Native American culture. Children were dressed in a fantastic range of outfits- cowboys, cowgirls and native Americans, as well as a bird of prey!. The Godrevy groups rotated around a carousel of activities throughout the day. One was a dance session, which comprised movements to the poem The Song of Hiawatha, beating drums, travelling using a canoe-rowing, eagle-soaring or skipping action, a fire dance and finally forming teepee and totem pole shapes. Another was a session  working with a partner to create a model teepee. The "buffalo skin" canvas for the teepee was decorated with traditional Native American symbols. The finished models look most impressive and will be displayed in the classrooms. The third session consisted of a drumming workshop, and an IT activity piecing together an online Wild West jigsaw. The children maintained their enthusiasm and energy throughout the day. We are all looking forward to a Cowboy/girl themed topic day later in the term -keep your costumes safe everyone!