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Pebble Wood

Cornish Hedge Building
Over the bank holiday weekend, work started on the Cornish hedge which will enclose "Pebble Wood", the woodland garden in memory of Sara Illsley. As well as being visually attractive, the hedge will serve the purpose of protecting the young trees from the wind. The work was led by Richard, a master hedge builder. A small group of parent, friend and pupil volunteers attended each day and were patiently trained by Richard in the art of hedge building. After three days, an impressive section had been completed. We now need to raise more money to continue the hedge.

A big thank you to everyone who helped and especially to Lucy Trinder who is coordinating the project. If you are able to offer support in any way, please contact school.
Sara's Woodland Garden

It was wonderful to see so many people at Pebble Wood Day, to launch the woodland garden in memory of Sara Illsley. Sara was a much loved Nursery Nurse, who worked with the Pebbles in Class 1 for over eight years and sadly died in May of last year. The presence of so many pupils, past and present, with their parents and grandparents, as well as friends and staff, in such wet and cold conditions, was a mark of tribute to how Sara endeared herself to everyone's hearts. The garden area was marked out at the end of the field and several trees were planted, along with daffodils at their base. We were delighted that Sara's husband, Nick, and their daughter, Charlotte, were able to attend and plant the first tree. We are looking forward to seeing the garden develop over the next few years, as the protective Cornish hedge is built, allowing less hardy trees to be planted. We hope to see the hedgerows full of native shrubs and wildflowers, as a reflection of the beauty of the natural environment Sara so loved. A big thank you to Lucy Trinder and Sally Pyner for co-ordinating the project and the activities today, and to the PTA for providing the wonderfully reviving refreshments.