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Plastic Free Day

Thank you to all the parents who supported us on our Plastic Free Day. This was organised across Cornwall by Final Straw, to show appreciation of the work of David Attenborough, on his 93rd birthday, and to heighten awareness of our overuse of plastic. The children's packed lunches were packaged in a variety of more eco-friendly ways- in paper, foil, kitchen towel, reused plastic bags and multi-use plastic containers. The children showed a keen understanding of the problem and an awareness of how we can improve our behaviour and look after our planet. It would be wonderful if children could continue to bring their sandwiches in these alternative packagings. We will be looking closely at how we are using plastic in the course of the school day and attempting to make changes. Our first target is the way the fruit and vegetables for KS1 are packaged- all items come in plastic bags and worse still, the tomatoes are in black trays, sealed with non recyclable plastic film! Class 1 will be writing letters to the suppliers to see if this can be changed.