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Our Maths Curriculum


At Kehelland School our maths curriculum has been developed to ensure that every child has a sound understanding of the intricacies of mathematics. We aim for them to leave our school equipped with the required skills for life.

By integrating calculation, reasoning and problem solving into a series of lessons we ensure links are made and prior knowledge are being tested throughout.

Our aspiration is for every child to enjoy maths and see themselves as a mathematician, using resilience and perseverance to help demonstrate a confident attitude towards tackling problems both in and out of the classroom and understanding the importance of maths in the wider world.


We implement the following procedures in order to achieve desired outcomes.

Number Fluency

At Kehelland we have a good understand of how ‘mastery’ should be taught and how it looks in books and ultimately in the children themselves. We are working on improving our skills further by both teachers and teaching assistants undergoing regular training and updating our knowledge and skills. We encourage rapid recall of known facts in all 4 calculations with the building blocks of this starting in the foundation stage with verbal and practical demonstration of skills and understanding. We have just introduced ‘Number Sense’ to the early years and KS1 in the hope to raise standards further and increase the children’s knowledge of Key number facts. We use ‘Mathletics’ and TTrockstars to reinforce the learning and also part of homework tasks for this that may wish to do more at home.

From year 1 onwards we use weekly times tables tests and arithmetic tests in the form of ‘Popcorn’ maths that include missing numbers and equals on the opposite sides to encourage depth of understanding.

From year 2 onwards we use the online programme of ‘Times Tables Rockstars’ to improve fluency and speed of recalling multiplication and division facts, helping to prepare the year 4’s for the curriculum Check starting in 2020. There are also weekly timed tests that work alongside. In this, the children earn rewards in the form of coins to upgrade their avatar as they move on and improve. They can also play along to music if they wish. They can be set challenges where they play against each other or other schools in a ‘stadium’ mode as well as independent practice that is automatically regulated and adjusted. Children are moved on when they are ready and have reached a required speed. We encourage the use of this at school, home, before and after school where possible.


Both boys and girls are equally as positive about maths and see themselves as mathematicians. We have organised days where we focus on maths to keep children excited about their learning. These may take the form of ‘Magic Maths’ where we have had a maths magician in for the day to share his skills and teach the children tricks with maths. Leading up to SATs the Year 6 children have been inspired by mathematician Josh Lury who is a local Maths Lead.

Parents also have a key role in this. They are encouraged to help the children with learning the times tables and division facts for weekly tests. From year 4 onwards, the children also bring home a weekly homework task to support what they have been learning in class that week. We often use CGP books for this. From Year 1 onwards the children also have online accounts with ‘Mathletics’ and TTRockstars where they are expected to complete weekly tasks wherever possible. These are also linked to their learning for that week or based on key skills.

In the Spring term during year 6 there is a lunchtime club where year 6’s are encouraged to come along and carry out some fun mathematical investigations in groups as part of further SATs practice and preparation.

Our Mastery Approach