Content and Plans

What are we teaching, when and why.
We believe that it is imperative children experience all subjects in a meaningful way, with enough time to appreciate the skills and knowledge needed for each discipline. 
Core subjects.
We teach Reading, Maths and Writing every single day as these key subjects underpin further learning and good progress in these subjects assists our children become successful citizens beyond our primary school and in their own lives
Foundation Subjects
We teach some subjects every week, as we recognise the nature of the subjects is such that children need weekly lessons. These are Science, PSHE, PE, French and RE.
As a small school we found that other subjects were often not given enough quality time to teach them, when they were squeezed into single lessons each week. Some subjects needed lots of time, or were sufficiently resource heavy that children really needed more time to become experts and have a high standard of learning. For this reason we teach Music, History, Art, DT, Computing and Geography in blocked weeks. This means that in a two week block children will have approximately 5 afternoons of the subject. This allows children to become experts and find the joy in their learning, rather than switching their brains between different knowledge and skills. This allows our curriculum to be more inclusive and ambitious for all.
We run a two year rolling programme for each of our classes. Please see the long term plans below.