Tater Du

Welcome to Tater Du Class!
We are a mixed Year 5 and Year 6 class staffed by 2 class teachers, Mrs. Rebecca Hollywood and Mrs. Kelly Garrett, supported by class/SEN TA Mrs. Garland The classroom is light and spacious with tabled seating areas and easy access to the hall. Every child in the class has access to an iPad and we are using this technology to further develop and enhance our learning. In Tater Du we are experts at being ready, respectful and safe. We take pride in our learning, challenge ourselves and look after each other.
Tater Du Class has 2 teachers and 1 teaching assistant.
Mrs Rebecca Hollywood

Class Teacher

Mrs. Hollywood is the class teacher for Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. She has taught mixed age KS2 classes for 14 years.

Mrs Kelly Garrett

Class Teacher

Mrs. Garrett is the class teacher for Thursdays and Fridays.

Mrs Donna Garland

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Garland is Tater Du's class/SEN teaching assistant.

A day in the life of Tater Du
Each morning session includes reading, maths and writing. Morning break is time for a snack and play using a variety of equipment such as skipping ropes, hoops, stilts and balls. We also have a trim trail, vegetable garden and tranquility area in our playground. At lunchtime children can access the extensive school field. Tater Du children share the responsibility of ensuring the younger children can access the play equipment.
In the afternoons, we have an exciting mixture of learning- Science, RE, PE, PSHE and French. We have recently introduced our Lighthouse Learning sessions, where we spend blocks of time as historians, geographers, musicians, artists, computer operators and designers! 
Of course, no day would be complete without sharing the class story, a quiet time loved by all.
What the children say!
"Everybody in Tater Du supports everybody with kindness and positivity" Scarlett (Y6)
"Being in Tater Du is great. The work is fun and sometimes there will be a challenge that will really test your abilities" Toby L (Y5)
"Tater Du is one of the super school groups that helps provide support and hospitality in the sense of a school society" Ynelha (Y6)
"I love Tater Du class. I like how all of the teachers are very kind and helpful" Izzy (Y5)