Welcome to Trevose class page! 
Trevose is home to years 3 and 4 and is staffed by class teacher Miss Meg Lewis and assisted by class TA Mrs. Helen Arnold.
In Trevose we acknowledge the primary school years are a critical time for brain development and learning. During this time, children's brains are rapidly growing and developing, forming new neural connections and pathways at a remarkable rate. As a result, the staff in Trevose provide the children with a nurturing and stimulating environment that supports their cognitive, emotional and social development.
The children are experts in using their environment to help them learn and understand the world around them. We enjoy challenging ourselves in all areas of the curriculum and celebrating all achievements!
We are one big team and help everyone to recognise the good in others. Upholding our school motto is something we take pride in, we love to be role models in and out of school! 
We love to share the children's learning on different platforms including Facebook and Seesaw. 
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Here is what our children say about Trevose
I like Trevose because we do lots of learning - Kitto
I like that we never give up on our learning and tell the teacher if we make a mistake - Rosalie
We are all really strong and kind together - Jago
We all work together like a big family - Liv
I like Trevose because we all have a laugh - James
We love each other - Sennen 
I like Trevose because the teachers come to help you when you're stuck - Daisy
I like it because we are really creative - Jack 
We all have a little giggle - Bonnie
We have yummy French food - Ellie
We share funny stories - Fin 
We write really neatly with pens - Rosie
I like Trevose because our teacher makes funny jokes - Stanley
Our brains work differently - William
We work together and all have fun - Matthew 
I like Trevose because Miss Lewis and Mrs Arnold are funny - Isabella
We are all safe and joyful - Alife
We are different in every way - Elena
We all work together- Imogen 
When someone is stuck we always help them out - Eleanor 
We have fun and we keep on learning - Lucinda 
When we learn together it feels like a big family - Arianna 
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