At Kehelland School we believe in the joy, art and rigor of Science as a topic and as a method for finding out about the world around us. All classes have significant Science input as it is a core subject in our curriculum. We are aware of and encourage children to, have hands on experiences in their Science learning, ensuring that they understand the importance of the subject in every day life and in their futures.
Being a small Cornish school we place significant emphasis on our environment and ensuring that children are able to understand the basics of relationships between the outdoors and science. We look at environmental and ecological stewardship, farming and fishing alongside the usual areas of Science as specified by the National Curriculum.
We have strong links with Maths and our local secondary schools, as we know that science is taught very differently in secondary provision. Our aim at Kehelland is to begin the journey of the Sciences for all children and:
To establish a questioning and analytical mind
To give a sound foundation of knowledge for further study
To increase Science Capital and relate this to everyday, relevant life and situations
To inspire imagination
To stimulate awe and wonder
To develop the next generations scientists.
Please see the documents below to give an idea of what and how we do this.
The subject leader is our Headteacher Ellie Watkins, who works closely with our multi academy trust on Science school improvement.