Our Classroom

We have a large bright classroom, incorporating a variety of learning areas. We have rearranged our learning spaces for the start of the 2022-2023 academic year, providing a wonderful variety of resourced areas to encourage independent discovery learning. As well as seating at tables, we have a comfortable and attractive book corner, Maths and writing areas, a home corner, construction area, creative area, funky fingers table and a block play/small world area. Attached to the classroom is an outdoor covered space, where we have a sand tray, water tray and numerous tuff spot stations. We also have a small playground area for Class 1 use during morning playtime. This includes a giant sandpit, a pirate ship, a wood chip kitchen and a reading wigwam. After lunch, the Reception children can access the large playground, the vegetable garden, the tranquility area, the trim trail and also the field.