Welcome to Longships Class!
We have 27 children in our class, Reception (Pebbles), Year 1 and Year 2. This gives the class a lovely family atmosphere, with the younger children looking to the older children as role models, and the older children providing care and guidance for the new arrivals. The classroom is spacious and carefully arranged to provide tabled seating areas, together with a wide range of continuous provision play areas for independent learning. Please go to the EYFS section of the website to see more information and photos of the EYFS indoor and outdoor provision. 
Longships Class has one teacher and two teaching assistants. 
Mrs Marion Davies

Longships Class Teacher

Mrs. Marion Davies is the class teacher and also Assistant Headteacher. She has taught Reception and KS1 children within a mixed-aged class for 30 years. She holds the qualification for Trauma and Mental Health Informed Schools (TIS), which gives her a deeper understanding of the causes of children's worries and anxieties and how to help alleviate them. Mrs. Davies is a qualified first aider.

Miss Dawn Smith

Teaching Assistant

Miss. Dawn Smith is a teaching assistant in Longships Class. She is a trained learning mentor and is able to work on a one to one basis with children who want to talk through concerns they might have. Miss. Smith is also a qualified first aider.

Mrs Debbie Johnson

Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Debbie Johnson is a teaching assistant in Longships Class and is the key person for the Reception children. Prior to working in our school, she was deputy preschool leader at a local Nursery, so has an excellent understanding of the Early Years. Mrs. Johnson has undertaken Wild Tribe outdoor learning training. She is a qualified Paediatric First Aider.

Class routines

Our mornings are filled with handwriting practice and reading, Read Write Inc sessions, Maths and English writing. At morning playtime we have milk (for the under fives) and fruit to eat. We play in our special Longships playground, which has a giant sand pit, a pirate ship, a wood chip kitchen and a reading wigwam. Our outdoor toys include large loose parts such as foam bricks and logs, and lengths of guttering to create ball runs and hot wheels tracks! At lunch time, Longships children access the large playground, vegetable garden, tranquillity area, trim trail and extensive field.

In the afternoons, we have an exciting mixture of learning- Science (Wild Tribe for the Reception children), RE, PE, PSHE and French. We have recently introduced our Lighthouse Learning sessions, where we spend blocks of time as historians, geographers, musicians, artists, computer operators and designers! 

After all that learning, we love to spend the end of the day quietly listening to a story.